China Transport Sector Policy Briefing – 2019, Issue 1 The newest issue of our China Transport Sector Policy Briefing is here! The Sustainable Mobility Team at GIZ in China provides you with regular summaries of new important policies in China’s transport sector. Please click here to download: China Transport Sector Policy Briefing Issue 1 2019 In the beginning of 2019, the Chinese government is planning to strengthen China’s automotive industry, with a focus on ICV and NEV industries, while curbing pollution caused by diesel trucks. Strengthening the automotive industries, restrictions over diesel trucks Based on the “Implementation Plan on Improving and Promoting the Consumption System (2018-2020)”, NDRC on 29 January 2019 released an “Implementation Scheme on Supply-Side Measures for Further Promoting Steady Growth of Consumption and Forming a Robust Domestic Market (2019)”. The scheme sets forth a series of measures to stimulate consumption and to upgrade the industry structure in…