How to Charge Apple Laptop Without Charger


How to Charge Apple Laptop Without Charger

Apple laptops are known for their sleek design and powerful performance. However, one common issue that users may face is a dead battery and no charger in sight. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are a few methods you can try to charge your Apple laptop without a charger. In this article, we will explore these methods and provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

Method 1: Use a USB-C Cable
If you have access to another device with a USB-C port, such as a smartphone or tablet, you can use it to charge your Apple laptop. Start by connecting the USB-C cable to your laptop’s USB-C port. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the device that has the power source, such as a power bank or another laptop. Make sure both devices are powered on. This method may take longer to charge your laptop compared to using the original charger, but it can be a lifesaver in situations where you don’t have access to the charger.

Method 2: Utilize a Universal Charger
Another option is to use a universal charger that is compatible with Apple laptops. These chargers come with various adapter tips to fit different laptop models. To use this method, find the adapter tip that fits your Apple laptop’s charging port. Connect the adapter to the charger, and then plug the charger into a power outlet. Ensure that the charger’s voltage matches the requirements of your laptop. Universal chargers can be found in electronic stores or online retailers.

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Method 3: Harness the Sun’s Power
If you are in an outdoor setting with ample sunlight, you can try charging your Apple laptop using solar power. To do this, you will need a solar charger specifically designed for laptops. These chargers typically come with a built-in battery, which stores the solar energy and allows you to charge your laptop at a later time. Simply place the solar charger in direct sunlight, connect it to your laptop using the appropriate cables, and let the power of the sun do its job.

Method 4: Power through a Charger
If you are on the go and have access to a car, you can use a car charger to charge your Apple laptop. First, locate your car’s cigarette lighter or power outlet. Then, connect the car charger to the power outlet and plug the other end into your laptop’s charging port. This method will only work if your car charger is compatible with your laptop’s power requirements. It’s important to note that charging your laptop in a car may drain the car’s battery, so it’s advisable to keep the engine running or limit the charging time.


Q: Can I charge my Apple laptop without a charger using a regular USB cable?
A: No, regular USB cables cannot provide enough power to charge an Apple laptop. You need a USB-C cable or a charger specifically designed for laptops.

Q: Is it safe to charge my Apple laptop using a universal charger?
A: Yes, as long as you ensure that the universal charger’s voltage matches the requirements of your laptop. Using a charger with incorrect voltage can damage your laptop.

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Q: How long does it take to charge an Apple laptop without the original charger?
A: The charging time may vary depending on the method used and the power source. It may take longer than usual, so it’s recommended to have patience.

Q: Can I charge my Apple laptop using a power bank?
A: Yes, if your power bank has a USB-C output, you can use it to charge your laptop. However, keep in mind that charging a laptop may drain the power bank’s battery quickly.

Q: Are there any risks associated with charging an Apple laptop without a charger?
A: While charging your laptop without the original charger is possible, it may not provide the optimal charging conditions. This can lead to slower charging times and potential damage to your laptop’s battery in the long run. It’s always best to use the original charger whenever possible.

In conclusion, charging an Apple laptop without a charger may seem challenging, but it is possible using alternative methods. Whether it’s utilizing a USB-C cable, a universal charger, solar power, or a car charger, these options can come in handy in situations where the original charger is not available. However, it’s important to remember that while these methods can provide a temporary solution, using the original charger is always recommended for optimal charging performance and to ensure the longevity of your laptop’s battery.