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Case Studies on Funding Sustainable Public Transport

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The China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) published a new Special Policy Study on Green Travel in November 2013. The study summarises the results of a working group on Green Travel, coordinated by the China Urban Sustainable Transportation Research Center (CUSTReC). Following earlier work on Financing Sustainable Urban Transport (see Final Workshop Summary Report on Financing Sustainable Urban Transport and International Review on Financing Urban Transport), GIZ was invited to contribute to the working group with expertise on funding public transport in Germany and international experiences. Recommendations on financing are reflected in section 5.2 of the Special Policy Study.
“Turning the Trend in Germany”

To illustrate German financing practice in detail, GIZ published two case studies – one on tendering public transport services in Frankfurt and one on integrated transport operation in Berlin.

“Financing Public Transport in Germany History and Current Regulations”

“Financing Public Transport in Germany Case Study Frankfurt”

“Financing Public Transport in Germany Case Study Berlin”

More information on funding transport is available through the International Transport Forum (ITF), whose annual conference 2013 focused on Funding Transport. Outputs include a Case Study Compendium and the ITF Transport Outlook 2013: Funding Transport.

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