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China’s rapidly growing economy has led to an extensive expansion of freight transport in the last decades. At the same time, freight transport has become a large emitter of both CO2 and local pollutants. To reduce these emissions but at the same time ensure an optimal supply with goods and services to sustain economic growth is a major challenge for China. Yet, mitigation of the environmental impact in the freight and logistics sector is essential for a sustainable future.

There is great potential for enhancing logistics management, upgrading vehicle fleets and integrating information technology with logistics. Recognising this potential, the Ministry of Transport actively promotes efficiency improvements in the freight and logistics sector.

GIZ introduces new concepts and standards to decision makers through trainings and other capacity development measures. Understanding policy requirements and innovation potentials of green logistics, organisations can review exist­ing procedures and improve them regarding their climate impact and efficiency.

We offer technical expertise and support on:

  • Cooperation concepts for logistic companies
  • Establishing environmentally friendly standards
  • Carbon foot printing and environmental assessments in logistics
  • Promoting intermodal freight transport

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Partners we work with are for example the Ministry of Transport (MoT), Ministry of Commerce (MofCom), China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), Ministry of Railway (MoR) (till March 2013).

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