This overview provides further information sources on sustainable transport in China.


Clean Air Asia Clean Air Asia
… is an United Nations–recognised partnership promoting better air quality and liveable cities in Asia by providing knowledge on policies and actions that reduce air pollution and GHG emissions from transport, energy, and other sectors.Read the Clean Air Asia China E-Newsletter here.
Climate Environment Service Group (CESG)

… promotes sustainable, low carbon transport in China by analysing transport-related data. The China Urban Transport Weekly Newsletter was ceased but previous newsletters have been archived. Furthermore, editorial articles on transport in Chinese cities are also available.
Young Crane Consulting (YCC)

… is an independent research institute that specialises in transport economics and policy studies, as well as transport-related environmental and social welfare economics studies.Read the [YCC Weekly E-News] Transport & Climate Change here.


CUTC China Urban Transport Centre
… is sponsored by major Chinese research institutions related to transportation and urban planning. Its magazine “Urban Transport” is published every two month online. Information and the website are primarily available in Chinese.
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