China Submitted its INDC – Including Transport

PictureOn June 30 China submitted its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) that describes the climate change commitments to the climate conference in Paris in December 2015. It also outlines that actions are taken in the transport sector.

General Commitment (page 5)
“Based on its national circumstances, development stage, sustainable development strategy and international responsibility, China has nationally determined its actions by 2030 as follows:
• To achieve the peaking of carbon dioxide emissions around 2030 and making best efforts to peak early;
• To lower carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 60%to 65% from the 2005 level;
• To increase the share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption to around 20%; and
• To increase the forest stock volume by around 4.5 billion cubic meters on the 2005 level.

Actions in the transport sector (page 9):
“Controlling Emissions from Transportation Sectors
• To develop a green and low carbon transportation system, optimizing means of transportation, properly allocating public transport resources in cities, giving priority to the development of public transportation and encouraging the development and use of low-carbon and environment-friendly means of transport, such as new energy vehicle and vessel;
• To improve the quality of gasoline and to promote new types of alternative fuels;
• To promote the share of public transport in motorized travel in big and medium sized cities reaching 30% by 2020;
• To promote the development of dedicated transport system for pedestrians and bicycles in cities and to advocate green”
• travel; and
• To accelerate the development of smart transport and green freight transport.

The full INDC is available for download here.

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