Fewer Cars, More Mobility: Can Carsharing Work in China?

Picture1In response to China’s rapidly increasing vehicle population, the first carsharing operators are entering the Chinese market to complement the range of alternatives to car ownership. From the emergence of such services in 2009 until today, more than 330,000 people signed up for a carsharing membership in China – equivalent to almost one third of the total number of carsharing members in Germany, one of the world’s largest carsharing markets. Considering that carsharing in China is still in an embryonic stage, its dynamic development indicates potential for further growth. Nevertheless, public and political awareness of carsharing is low, and uncertainties related to the feasibility of large-scale applications remain.

The Sino-German Cooperation Project on Electro-Mobility and Climate Protection published the article “Fewer cars, more mobility: Can carsharing work in China?” in the technical journal “International Transportation”. Find the full article (p. 26-29) in issue 1, May 2015, available as free download or directly download the article below.



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