Scoping Workshop on Potentials for Low Carbon Transport Development in China

Experts from China and Germany discuss emission modelsIdentifying approaches for climate change mitigation scenarios of policies and measure in the Chinese transport sector was the objective of the Scoping Workshop China of the GIZ and CUSTReC on Wednesday, 6th March 2013. In the Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, about 20 Chinese and international presented approaches from Germany and China and discussed effective policies and measures for China.

Download: Full presentations of the Scoping Workshop by ChengShidong (NDRC), Florian Hacker (Oeko Institute), Martin Schmied (Infras) and Daniel Bongardt (GIZ):

In order to address the challenge of increasing GHG emissions from the transport sector, China has released several energy saving policies and programmes, such as fuel efficiency standards or strengthening urban public transport and non-motorized transport. However, despite these policy approaches, the rapid growth of transport demand has so far outweighed the gains in energy savings and emission reductions.

Therefore, the Scoping Workshop started with an intensive morning session sharing Chinese and German experiences and views on scenario development. The interactive afternoon debate was separated in passenger and freight transport and touched both the national and the urban level. The participants evaluated and discussed several policy options regarding their feasibility for China.

The Low Carbon Transport Development component of the Sino-German Climate Change Programme aims at developing effective mitigation strategies and recommendations that can be applied at the national level in China and in Chinese cities. A central goal of the Sino-German Low Carbon Transport Development component is to improve the quality of existing approaches and identify related requirements for data gathering and the development of transport emission inventories in cooperation with Chinese and German experts.

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