Taxi App Kuaidi Dache for Shanghai and Hangzhou

Kuaidadi Taxi App - Step by step screenshot guide -Hailing a cab in Chinese Mega Cities is difficult, especially during rush hour. Because taxi prices are relatively low revenues for taxi drivers are often not sufficient to cover the increasingly higher fuel costs and taxi company fees. Thus, taxi drivers start to deny passenger request or even pause driving during peak times of congestion causing a low availability of taxis when passengers most need them.

Mobile taxi apps are trying to solve that inconvenience through shortening the waiting time for taxis and therefore, improve their availability. As a side effect revenues for taxi drivers can be improved as well.

Click here to download an English step by step screenshot guide of using Kuaidi Dache App.

The taxi app Kuaidi Dache of Shanghai and Hangzhou, being the counterpart of Beijing’s Didi Dache, has entered the market. With the help of the app users can reserve a taxi via several clicks indicating time, start location and destination of the taxi ride. Drivers, having installed the app, can respond immediately to the request and descend to the waiting passenger. To increase the probability of getting an answer by a taxi driver, customers can offer a bid – a quantity of money they are willing to pay in addition to the actual costs of the trip. Especially during congestion that feature can be helpful to get a taxi.

According to the company Kuaidi Dache has 30,000 taxi drivers covering 300,000 users. Currently only available in Shanghai and Hangzhou, the company plans to expand their business in Beijing as well.


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