Video: Panel discussion on Financing Urban Transport in China

How to fund construction, operations and maintenance of transport infrastructure? –  Watch the video from the panel discussion on “Financing Urban Transport in China” during the Transforming Transportation Conference 2013 in Washington DC.

Moderator: Reindart Westra, World Bank
Presenters: Daniel Bongardt, GIZ; Dr. Jiang Yullin, CATS
Panelists: Guo Jifu , Beijing Transport Research Center; Steve Lewis-Workman, ADB; Ke Fang, World Bank; Haitao Zhang.

The TDM Team, represented by Project Director Daniel Bongardt (GIZ China) and Guo Jifu (BTRC), took an active part in the Transforming Transportation Conference 2013. The two-days conference took place on the 18th and 19th of January in Washington DC and was co-hosted by the World Bank and EMBARQ. Daniel Bongardt provided insights and an overview on “Prospects for National-Level Programmes and Funds for Sustainable Urban Transport in China”. The slides of the presentation can be found here.

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