Lecture Series Life Cycle Assessment in the Automotive Industry

From 7th until 13th of September, Prof. Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner visited China invited by GIZ for a lecture series on “Life Cycle Assessment in the Automotive Industry – Status Quo and Perspectives”. Matthias Finkbeiner is Professor of Sustainable Engineering and Vice-Director of the Department of Environmental Technology at Technical University Berlin.

During his stay Mr Finkbeiner visited Tongji University Shanghai, TU Hefei and Tsinghua University/Beijing for public lectures, seminars and discussions with the academia. In his lectures he raised not only fundamental questions like “How can we measure what is green (environmentally preferable)?” or “How can we measure what is blue (more sustainable)?”, but also gave an insight in how life circle assessment is applied in the automotive industry. He also pointed out the challenges and the limits of life cycle assessment.

As the audience was very interested in Mr Finkbeiners lectures, we are happy to offer a compilation of his slides for download:

The visit of Matthias Finkbeiner was realised under the Sino-German Cooperation Project on Electro-Mobility and Climate Protection that is implemented by GIZ and its partners funded by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. For further information on our transport projects, please visit our website [www.electro-mobility.cn].

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