“China Green Freight Initiative International Seminar” – Promoting Green Freight in China

2014-07-11_green_logistics Last week the “China Green Freight Initiative International Seminar” organised by the China Road Transport Association (CRTA) took place in Beijing. The China Green Freight Initiative (CGFI) was launched in April 2012 as a national programme to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 and air pollutant emissions from road freight transport in China. Overall aims are to adopt cleaner technologies and smarter freight management practices.

GIZ works with the Chinese Ministry of Transport on low carbon freight transport. Within this context, GIZ supports the CGFI and participated in the annual seminar with other renowned international speakers such as Jim Blubaugh, Director International Programs Office of Transportation and Air Quality United States Environmental Protection Agency, and his colleague Buddy Polovick, SmartWay Transport Partnership.

For more information please take a look at the agenda:

The GIZ China “Green Logistics in China” project contributed to the seminar with two presentations. Christian Hochfeld spoke about “Low Resistance Tires Supporting Green Freight” focusing on experiences from Europe and tire regulations, standards, and labelling. In general, truck tires account for 20-30% of fuel consumption (depending on the vehicle speed). Low resistance tires are usually made of harder rubber compound and, therefore, roll easier resulting in reduced vehicle engine activity. Lower emissions and increased mileage based on reduced fuel consumption are the main advantages of these tires.

Jingzhu Li presented “Carbon Footprint Management in the Logistics Industry in Europe”. Within her presentation she discussed the general motivation and approaches of standardisation of carbon footprinting as well as examples and benefits. The approach taken in Europe showed that a standardised GHG calculation method did not result in a comparison of the performance of individual companies but a comparison of different reduction measures undertaken. Standardising helps to identify the best approaches to effectively mitigate emissions.
Please download the two presentations here:

The CGFI is implemented by the China Road Transport Association (CRTA), with Clean Air Asia and the Research Institute of Highways (RIOH) of the Ministry of Transport. The development of the CGFI is now in its third phase, focusing on standards for green carriers and green trucks, engagement of shippers, and attraction of more carriers to join the CGFI.

More information on the CGFI can be found here.




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